Registration Information:

  • We have reason to be optimistic about running the race on September 18, 2021.
  • General registration is now open at
  •  Registration will be $120/person (plus Ultrasignup processing fee). 
  • The race will be capped at 265 runners after which we will maintain a wait list.
  • We will maintain a wait list through September 11, 2021 after which the entrant list will be finalized and no further refunds will be given. 
  • Partial refunds will be as follows:
    Through June 30th $100
    July 1 - July 31st $80
    August 1 - September 12 $50
    No refunds after September 11
  • Bibs are non-transferable and cannot be rolled over to future years or other races.
  • The US Forest Service Permit for this event is conditional and may be cancelled anytime up to race weekend. If the US Forest service cancels the permit or fails to issue the permit, every effort will be made to refund un-allocated funds.


There is no official pre-qualification requirement. However this distance and this course is extremely challenging, rugged, and has historically been on a hot day. You are responsible to do all you can to prepare for the rigors of the race including long training runs and heat acclimation. You should begin training several months before the race. At a MINIMUM your training must incorporate several 20+mile training runs in the mountains.


I wish to enter and participate in the Noble Canyon 50K Endurance Run (the Run) on September 18, 2021. I accept the rules, conditions, and regulations of the event and will comply with them for myself and crew knowing that I can be disqualified for violations of the rules. I am aware that this 50 kilometer trail run is extremely difficult under the most favorable of conditions. This run covers difficult mountainous terrain with extremes of temperature and altitude. I am aware that I shall not participate in this event unless: a) I am in excellent physical condition, b) I have previously run ultra-marathon distances on rugged trails, and c) I have recently had a complete physical examination. I am also aware that I may be exposed to physical injury from a number of natural factors and/or hazards on the trail such as but not limited to lack of water, communicable diseases, wildlife, hazards of vehicular traffic, and other hazards attendant to running along or across trails and roadways.
I understand and accept that the risks include the fact I may become injured or incapacitated in a location where it is difficult or impossible for the race's management to get required medical aid to me in time to avoid additional physical injury or death. I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators, waive, release, and discharge and agree to hold harmless the Noble Canyon 50K Endurance Run, Cliffs and Meadows LLC, its directors, volunteers, and sponsors, the US Forest Service, USA Track and Field, State of California, County of San Diego, the Pine valley Bible Center, and/or families of each, all medical and others assisting with the Run, or any of them and any (including Acts of God), arising out of or in conjunction with my participation in this event. I further agree that I will defend and indemnify the above released parties against all claims, demands, and causes of action or other proceedings brought by or prosecuted for my behalf contrary to this agreement. This release extends to all claims of every kind and nature whatsoever, whether known or unknown, and I expressly waive any benefits I may otherwise have under section
1542 of the Civil Code of California, otherwise protecting me from the release of unknown claims. This entry is of and by the runner, who by his/her signature or acknowledgement has verified acceptance of all risks and responsibility for his/her condition and welfare during this event.