Returning to our roots! We are excited to announce the 2017 course will return to the flavor of the original 2007 course (with some slight alterations). Maps are now posted below, the course is pending US Forest Service approval.

Click here for a printable map.

Aid Station Miles Chart

Course Description

In 2017 runners will start at the Pine Valley Bible camp and run approx 1 mile along the asphalt road to the Noble Canyon Trail-head area. Outbound you'll take the shortcut trail to the left instead of the main Noble Canyon trail. You'll pass through the Pine Creek Road location NOTE this is not an aid station outbound but will be on your way back.

Leaving Pine Creek Road area take the short connector trail south to connect with the main Noble Canyon trail and head on up! The first aid station is Big Tree, followed by Penny Pines at the top.

After leaving the Penny Pines aid station carefully cross Sunrise Highway then turn RIGHT onto the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). After about 4 miles again turn RIGHT leaving the PCT and connecting with the Big Laguna trail system. This trail drops you into the Rat Hole aid station!

Leave Rat Hole by crossing Sunrise Highway and continuing on the Big Laguna Trail. Follow the maps westbound to Big Laguna Lake. Cross over the short dam and traverse around the west then north bank of the lake and lake footprint (don't take sunset trail).  Follow the maps to the tricky left onto trail #5 which will connect you again with the main Noble Canyon trail.

Head back down the main Noble Canyon trail. You'll get aid again at Big Tree aid station then the Pine Creek Road aid station. Shortly after leaving Pine Creek aid you'll take the traditional left turn to rejoin the NC trail and climb up and over Big Sandy and back to the NC trail-head. Retrace your steps along the last 1 mile of asphalt road and into the finish at the Bible Camp!

We still need to finalize the 2017 elevation chart to include the course changes; in the mean time below is the 2016 chart (which will be very similar to 2017). Total gain will be approximately 5,200 ft.